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Bitcoin chart vs Tulip mania chart vs Gold vs Beanie Baby craze vs Price crash spells doom for Tibetan mastiff

Hot potato (game) The person (or country) who is holding the object when the music stops loses.[1]


Bitcoin May Buy You Citizenship in One of the Happiest Countries …


Japan made bitcoin a legal currency, and now it’s more popular ?than ever


In South Korea, 30 percent of the population professes Christianity.

In Japan? Less than 1 percent.

Western Judeo-Christian civilization was built on God.

Japanese civilization was not.


Beanie Baby craze

A woman in Chicago bought Chilly the Polar Bears wholesale for about $7 each and later sold them for more than $1,800 each.

Warner became a billionaire

Gallagher ordered $2,000 worth of toys from Germany. A few months later, those toys were worth more than $300,000.


Chris Robinson, who played Dr. Rick Webber on “General Hospital,” invested about $100,000 in Beanie Babies to eventually pay for his kids’ college education. He lost every penny.


Price crash spells doom for Tibetan mastiff