Bush and Obama signed 4 Acts and Executive Order 13672 and added how man y EEOC investigators?

http://www.thefreedictionary.com/nada p.s. “take a bite!”

Bush slashed EEOC’s workforce from 2,924 employees in 2002 to 2,158 employees in 2007; with friends like you, who needs enemies?

Bush (who’s a follower of CHRIST?) slashed EEOC’s workforce
from 2,924 employees (in 2002) to 2,158 employees (in 2007) duh!

did Presidents Bush and Obama under-fund and under-staff EEOC for(e!) 16 years?

I fed Obama’s EEOC God’s Mail and then Obama’s EEOC choked:

he promised to increase staffing for EEOC (in 2008)
he entered Office with 2,192 EEOC employees (in 2009)
he left Office with 2,082 EEOC employees (in 2017) duh!