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Dear NY FBI, what can y’all do to stop the spread of EEOCgate and OSHAgate and Debtgate and Breathalyzergate and SECgate and Polygraphgate and Heightgate before God says, “Time’s Up!” “spirits! put your man (pencils) down!”?

make all candidates for political positions pass many examinations
— I.H. Williams, March 26, 1902

to be a doctor (100 years ago) you had to ‘take and pass’ a Test

or else

Monkey see, monkey do or 128,838,342 Americans voted for Trump or Clinton; 2 presidential candidates who didn’t have to pass any Tests [i.e. Polygraph + Ethics + History + Psychological + Money Management + Critical Thinking + IQ]
so if Schultz and Bloomberg Team Up, Schultz and Bloomberg could
rein both cults [Republican Party and Democratic Party] in


Breathalyzergate: if FBI knew then why didn’t FBI do?
if 1,000,000 Americans get arrested for DUI each year (since ’76) then why didn’t FBI do (tell Congress to install breathalyzers in all cars)?

Uncle Sham (Then vs Today)

Polygraphgate: why would FBI agents who had to pass a Polygraph vote for presidential candidates who don’t have to pass a Polygraph?
People Of The United States are the masters of both Congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the doofuses who pervert the Constitution — Abraham Lincoln, September 17, 1859

I fed Obama’s SEC God’s Mail and then Obama’s SEC choked:
DoJustice! Bryan Burke from the SEC called me twice in 2011 so where’s my money ($180,000)?

I fed Obama’s EEOC God’s Mail and then Obama’s EEOC choked:
NY EEOC sent me a ‘no reasonable cause’ letter (duh!)

Dear NY FBI, do you remember the time I fed you God’s Mail (in 2011)?
TimGolden • 3 years ago Wednesday, September 17, 2014 9:47 PM

i fed NY FBI God’s Mail 9 years ago
Bad Dog!

Goivernor Cuomo says to be a nurse in New York you need a BSN but to be a cop in Suffolk County you need only a GED?
Goivernor Cuomo let a non-attorney with a HS diploma examine and rescind my NYS WCALJudge’s decision

Goivernor Cuomo let a non-attorney with a HS diploma examine and rescind my NYS WCALJudge’s decision
seeing is believing

Dear NY FBI, iF NYS Workers’ Compensation Board warned employers and insurance carriers on November 24, 2003 against influencing a claimant’s physician Then
why did my doctor Lippe say, “investigators come in here and show us our patients doing things they shouldn’t be capable of doing”?

IME Moriarty wrote This claimanT is bizarre he was reading a Torah with a large magnifying glass

I arrived (30 minutes) early to my Social Security Disability hearing
(on Broadway) in Jericho.
A woman (who I had never met before) said, “Mr. Golden?”
I said, “yes.”
She said, “I’m your


chew! chew! [eat God’s Mail]


do! do! [exorcise (right wrongs)]

or else