every one knew Max Schmeling knocked out Joe Louis (in 1936) vs no one knew Max Schmeling helped hide 2 Jewish brothers (in 1938) until Henri Lewin spilled the beans 50 years later (in 1989)

did NY FBI tell pOTUS and COTUS and SCOTUS about EEOCgate and OSHAgate and Debtgate and Breathalyzergate and Heightgate yet or is NY FBI waiting for God to say, “Time’s Up!” “spirits! put your man and woman (dolls) down!”?

my mother worked for NY FBI
my mother said to me (in 2010), “tim!
give it to NY FBI”

then I heard God say, “son!
you’re gonna give it to NY FBI alright”

I arrived (30 minutes) early to my Social Security Disability hearing
(on Broadway) in Jericho.
A woman (who I had never met before) said, “Mr. Golden?”
I said, “yes.”
She said, “I’m your

Dear NY FBI, did Verizon and Verizon’s insurance carrier Sedgwick Claims pay yet for their orthopedic IME Moriarty’s report about me? This claimant is bizarre. I saw the claimant reading a Torah with a large magnifying glass.

Dear NY FBI, what reeks like RICO?
In March 2009, NYS Workers’ Compensation Board published its Return to Work Handbook for idiots

Dear NY FBI, I’ll never forget the day my judge Mildred Zilko spanked Verizon and Sedgwick Claims in her court
In 2010, when Sedgwick Claims’ attorney cried, “judge,


chew! chew! [eat God’s Mail]


do! do! [exorcise (right wrongs)]

or else

if you eat God’s Mail then you must exorcise (right wrongs)
Q: what happens to spirits if spirits eat God’s Mail and then spirits don’t exorcise (right wrongs)?



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