if life is a video game God The FATHER created


then are you (wee spirit “in man”) still (stuck) on level 1


are you up to level 50 (five o) like JESUS [pulling goiliaths over]?


U.S. Department of Justice,

On 9/6/2013 NYS WCB commissioner(s) Munnelly + 2 non-attorneys

Williams and Higgins ‘reviewed (examined) and rescinded’

my NYS WCALJudge Robert Anderson’s decision.

My attorneys at Fine, Olin & Anderman appealed and requested

a Full Board Review.

On 11/25/2013 NYS WCB chair Beloten solely denied me

a Full Board Review.

On 12/12/2013 the Third Judicial Department decided that

“only a three member panel can deny a Full Board Review”

(see Scalo v. Perry & Sons)

On 12/27/2013 NYS WCB chair Beloten got 2 subordinates (Libous

and Munnelly) to sign order denying me a Full Board Review.


Q1: was not Munnelly NYS WCB general counsel and NYS WCB ethics officer?

Q2: how much time did each person spend ‘reviewing’ (examining)

my NYS WCALJudge’s decision?

Q3: did Libous sign order denying me a Full Board Review

while in Florida or while in New York?

Q4: is not Libous a nurse?

if Libous is a nurse (in other words a non-attorney) then

why is a nurse ‘reviewing’ (examining) a NYS WCALJudge’s decision?

Q5: if Munnelly + 2 non-attorneys examined and rescinded

my NYS WCALJudge’s decision in September 2013 then

why is Munnelly again being asked by his boss to deny me

a Full Board Review?


Trust but Verify


NYS WCB commissioner bios
(google it! bing it! ask it! aol it! yahoo it!)




Timothy J Golden says:

March 22, 2014 at 2:47 pm

I wrote to NYS WCB chair Beloten 5 times! about IME doctor fraud;

NYS WCB chair Beloten never wrote ‘me back’.

A guy Garcia called me and said,

“Mr. Golden, what can we (The Board) do about it (IME doctor fraud)?”

I said, “I gave your boss

1) the universal IME form with carbon copy (no more 2 minute phony IMEs)


2) the NYS WC Claimants’ BILL of RIGHTS.”

I said, “I wrote to your boss 5 times! and told him to give it to the FBI.”

Garcia said, “we don’t want them involved.”

On that day, I wrote to the NY FBI.

The New York Times blew the whistle on IME doctor fraud in 2009:
“Exams of Injured Workers Fuel Mutual Mistrust”

Since 2007, there’s a ‘Standard for Independent Medical Examinations’.
(google it! vs bing it! vs yahoo! it! vs aol it! vs ask it! vs duckduckgo it!)

If the employers get (here have) a NYS WCB Employers’ Handbook

NYS WCB Employers’ Handbook

then the claimants should get (here have) a NYS WC Claimants’ Handbook. Amen.

in other words


in other words



U.S. Department of Justice,

Q: why have I been waiting 7 years for Verizon to offer me

a reasonable accommodation (which would include a reassignment to the

No Carry LADDER No Climb LADDER Tone and Mark gang?

Fact: I’ve been waiting 7 years for Verizon to engage Dr. Lippe “in good faith”

in the mandatory ADA interactive process

Fact: I’ve been waiting 7 years for Verizon to engage me “in good faith”

in the mandatory ADA interactive process

ho ho ho HE HE HE Marry CHRISTmas


I arrived (30 minutes) early to my hearing
(on Broadway) in Jericho.
A woman (who I had never met before) said, “Mr. Golden?”
I said, “yes.”
She said, “I’m your


JESUS spanking goiliath (unethical + incompetent goivernment) site:medium.com at DuckDuckGo


EVOLUTION: David kills goliath vs JESUS spanks goiliath


JESUS spanking goiliath is FUNner and FUNnier than David killing goliath


y’all [legislators, lawyers, and judges] better start righting before G-D says, “spirits! put your man (pencils) down!”



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