It is my fervent prayer that Obama will direct financial largess[e] to EEOCEEOC chair Naomi Earp, June 5, 2009

I fed Obama’s EEOC God’s Mail and then Obama’s EEOC choked:


Obama’s EEOC signed off on 587,032 ‘no reasonable cause’ letters
(from 2009–2017); I got ONE!


did Presidents Bush and Obama intentionally under-staff EEOC
for(e!) 16 years, NY FBI?


he promised to increase staffing for EEOC (in 2008)
he entered Office with 2,192 EEOC employees (in 2009)
he left Office with 2,082 EEOC employees (in 2017); why NY FBI?


Uncle Sham [pOTUS and COTUS and SCOTUS] should be ashamed of Chinese Exclusion Act
Uncle Sham [pOTUS and COTUS and SCOTUS] should be ashamed of EEOC case dumping scandal (1965 — T imGolden)


doesn’t it seem like the 3 branches of goivernment are waiting
to embarrass the haughty and the naughty?

Dear ABA, if 51% of Touro Law Center students failed the July bar exam
then why are 8 non-attorneys (Goivernor Cuomo appointed) examining and rescinding NYS WCALJudges’ decisions?


my mother worked for NY FBI
my mother said to me (in 2010), “tim!
give it to NY FBI”

then I heard God say, “son!
you’re gonna give it to NY FBI alright”


Dear NY FBI, do you remember the time I fed you God’s Mail (in 2011)?
TimGolden • 3 years ago Wednesday, September 17, 2014 9:47 PM


i fed NY FBI God’s Mail 9 years ago
Bad Dog!


I fed Obama’s FBI God’s Mail and then Obama’s FBI choked: at DuckDuckGo


SCOTUS! what did you ever do to stop the 3 stooges (HaHa Haman) from intentionally under-staffing EEOC for(e!) 50 years?



y’all [legislators, lawyers, judges] better start righting before God says, “Time’s Up!” “spirits! put your man (pencils) down!”




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