___________modern day snake oil__________


Q: are you a modern day snake oil salesman/saleswoman?


“Those who break the law and take advantage of investors need to know that they will face an unrelenting law enforcement agency in the SEC — Chairwoman Mary Schapiro 2/6/2009

Dear SEC, why did Ms. Katz call me in 2013 and say, “(Mr. Golden) we (the SEC) are not a law enforcement agency.” ?

The SEC is first and foremost a law enforcement agency.
- SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt
March 14, 1997

Since its creation in 1934, theCommission has been charged with protecting investors andmaintaining fair and orderly markets.  It is first and foremost alaw enforcement agency.  It fulfills its statutory mandate bypolicing fraud in the securities markets, requiring full
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disclosure by issuers of securities, overseeing the regulation ofthe nation's securities markets, and directly regulating theinvestment company and investment adviser industries. Byprotecting market integrity and fairness, the SEC's enforcementand regulatory programs foster



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