my doctor doctor Lippe said, “you need a good civil rights lawyer”!%22+%22spirits!+put+your+man+(pencils)+down!%22&oq=Dear+FBI%2C+did+my+employer+Verizon%27s+insurance+carrier+Sedgwick+Claims+pay+for+a+private+investigator%27s+report+which+said+claimanT+carried+a+stack+of+papers+into+orthopedic+IME+Moriarty%27s+office%3F+%2B+Dear+FBI%2C+did+my+employer+Verizon%27s+insurance+carrier+Sedgwick+Claims+pay+for+orthopedic+IME+Moriarty%27s+report+which+said+claimanT+is+bizarre.+he+was+reading+a+Torah+with+a+large+magnifying+glass.+he+carried+numerous+religious+books+into+my+office.+The+claimanT%27s+severe+psychiatric%2Fpsychological+disorder+The+claimanT+frightened+myself+and+my+office+staff+%3D+Dear+FBI%2C+don%27t+y%27all+think+that+my+employer+Verizon+should+re-evaluate+its+relationship+with+its+insurance+carrier+Sedgwick+Claims+before+God+says%2C+%22Time%27s+Up!%22+%22spirits!+put+your+man+(pencils)+down!%22&aqs=chrome..69i57.136587j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Dear FBI, did my employer (Verizon)’s carrier Sedgwick Claims pay for a private investigator’s report which said claimanT carried a stack of papers into orthopedic IME Moriarty’s office?


Dear FBI, did my employer (Verizon)’s insurance carrier Sedgwick Claims pay for orthopedic IME Moriarty’s report which said claimanT is bizarre. he was reading a Torah with a large magnifying glass. he carried numerous religious books into my office. The claimanT’s severe psychiatric/psychological disorder The claimanT frightened myself and my office staff


Dear FBI, the recovery of NYS Workers’ Compensation Board’s costs are paid by employers and employers’ insurance carriers. Assessments against carriers are passed on to employers (dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb)
why have I, claimanT, been waiting 6 years for Verizon’s carrier, Sedgwick Claims, to offer me my NYS Workers Compensation Section 32 Agreement?


why would investigators show physicians surveillance of their patients/claimants when it’s been a MISDEMEANOR since 1996?
my doctor said, “investigators come in here and show us our patients/claimants doing things they shouldn’t be capable of doing?



Dear Goivernor Cuomo, to eliminate IME doctor bribery make law: doctors who perform Independent Medical Examinations shall get paid the same as the claimanT’s treating physician which was $49.95 in 2011 (just ask my doctor Dr. Lippe) and not a penny more
Dear FBI, how much do cut-off IME doctors get paid per office visit compared to the claimanT’s treating physician of $49.95 in 2011?


I arrived (30 minutes) early to my Social Security Disability hearing
(on Broadway) in Jericho.
A woman (who I had never met before) said, “Mr. Golden?”
I said, “yes.”
She said, “I’m your


chew! chew! [eat God’s Mail]


do! do! [exorcise (right wrongs)]



you can stop IME doctor fraud with the universal IME form w/carbon copy — Timothy Golden • July 13, 2014
I fed The Universal IME Form w/carbon copy to NY FBI and Congressman King on 1/7/11; seeing is believing


God Tells you the (IME doctor fraud) problem


God Shows you the (IME doctor fraud) solution


I saw my doctor Dr. Lippe
I read to my doctor Dr. Lippe
I said to my doctor Dr. Lippe

_________________[cock-a-doodle do!o] [cock-a-doodle do!o]
U.S. Department of Justice,
wakie wakie

G-D wants y’all to(o) take and drink (t)HIS Cup of (not hemlock) T orah:


my doctor said, “investigators come in here and show us our patients/claimants doing things they shouldn’t be capable of doing.” So (like magic) I showed my doctor Dr. Lippe God’s Mail:
Any contact with the claimant’s doctor (health care provider), however, must not violate Section 13-a (6) of the WCL


sip! sip! [drink God’s T orah]

or else

if you eat God’s Mail then you must exorcise (right wrongs)
Q: what happens to spirits if spirits eat God’s Mail and then spirits don’t exorcise (right wrongs)?