iF FBI knew about IME doctor fraud then why didn’t FBI do anything (i.e. IME doctor fraud stings!)

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TimboGolden Sep 5, 2019 ho ho ho

1) I fed to FBI and Congressman King on 1/7/11; seeing is believing

claimanT suffers from a severe psychological disorder
— orthopedic IME Moriarty, July 18, 2011

do not resend claimanT. He frightened me and my office staff
— orthopedic IME Moriarty, July 18, 2011

chew! chew! [eat God’s Mail]


do! do! [exorcise (right wrongs)]


FBI employees shall disclose IME doctor fraud before God says, “Time’s Up!”
Dear FBI, shouldn’t Verizon re-evaluate its relationship with its insurance carrier Sedgwick Claims before God says, “Time’s Up!”


On July 6, 2011 Verizon paid $20 Million to Settle Disability Lawsuit… On July 28, 2014 Verizon said to MetLife, “Verizon can’t accommodate Mr. Golden’s work restrictions (dumb)
On June 9, 2015 EEOC gave me a no reasonable cause letter (dumber)

grab an or and row row row your boat on God’s web let’s see what and who you ‘catch and reel in’