Tractor trailer hit overpass vs EEOC case dumping scandal (1965 — T imGolden)

Q: what’s everyone in Heaven watching? A: Clueless (Part Duh!)

In 1974, Nixon left Office with 2416 EEOC employees
In 2017, Obama left Office with 2202 EEOC employees

Fact: I gave NY EEOC (500 pages!) 10 faxes + 7 overnight deliveries

Howard M Wexler (Verizon’s attorney) works for Seyfarth Shaw
Victoria A. Lipnic (Acting EEOC Chair) worked for Seyfarth Shaw

EEOC case dumping scandal (1965 — T im)!+It%27s+the+thief!+Stop+thief!+Stop+thief!&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiw4puq6dbUAhXJrD4KHZNMCoMQ6AEIKDAA#v=onepage&q=Tim%20The%20thief!%20It's%20the%20thief!%20Stop%20thief!%20Stop%20thief!&f=false

our husbands did what? they under-funded and under-staffed EEOC for(e!) 50 years

San Francisco EEOC does not have one investigator who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, or Tagalog?

Q10: how many EEOC investigators are fluent in God (righting wrongs)?



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