Timothy Golden OCT 13, 2014 #282

U.S. Department of Justice,

U.S. Department of Justice,

I fed NY FBI (in 2011) and Livefyre (in 2014) God’s Mail;
are you (wee spirit) a bridge to God’s Mail or are you a troll?


Dear DOJ, I fed Livefyre God’s Mail (in 2014); did Livefyre forward (feed) God’s Mail to you (law enforcement)?



Fact: my mother worked for the NY FBI.
Fact: my mother said to me (in 2010), “tim!
give it to the FBI” then I heard God say, “son!
you’re gonna give it to them alright”

I heard G-D say, “son! you’re gonna give it to them alright”


what’s wrong with Verizon’s menorah? — TimboGolden Dec 2, 2018

DoJustice! Verizon’s menorah is not Kosher

Saudi Arabia squandered trillions of gallons (of groundwater)


Uncle Sham has squandered trillions of dollars (of taxpayer money)