Xi wants to help US fight a virus? Why doesn’t ZZZi stop his people from eating pets and pollinators (dogs and cats and bats), NY FBI?

https://www.yahoo.com/news/around-120-nations-back-australias-100625036.html + https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-52131940 =

is blowing up CHRISTian churches pro-CHRIST or anti-CHRIST?
Xi, China voted for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (remember)

China’s Christians protest ‘evil’ Communist campaign to
tear down crosses?
Obama’s White House ordered Georgetown University to
cover up JESUS?


Obama ordered Georgetown University to cover all religious symbols?
y’all [pOTUS and COTUS and SCOTUS] better start righting before God says, “Time’s Up!” “spirits! put your man (pencils) down!”


Q: is Xi pro-CHRIST or anti-CHRIST?


1200 crosses have been torn down by Communist China in the past two years?


Q: why is dumb goiliath (unethical goivernment) telling a Catholic university to cover up JESUS?


Q: are dumb goiliaths pro-CHRIST or anti-CHRIST?


Obama and Xi sitting up on a Tee
Q: how many Christian Crosses did Xi tear down while Obama golfed 333 times in 8 years?


Trump: I have a ‘great relationship’ with God
Q: did Trump rebuke Philippine President Duterte for calling God ‘stupid’?


JESUS spanking goliath (unethical + incompetent government) site:medium.com at DuckDuckGo


EVOLUTION: David kills goliath vs JESUS spanks goliath


JESUS spanking goliath is FUNner and FUNnier than David killing goliath


“goliath’s house is on fire!” — Timothy Golden 2 years ago
Q: is anyone (here up on earth) brave enough to rush in (to put out goliath’s sin)?


y’all [all so-called friends of God] better start righting before G-D says, “Time’s Up!” “spirits! put your man (pencils) down!”


good luck in life


good luck in death



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